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Available commands

There is a number of commands that you can run from Sublime Text with Ctrl+Shift+P (or Cmd+Shift+P on MacOS) that are related to EasyClangComplete.

Pro tip

You can assign a key binding to any of the commands represented below to make running them quick and effortless.

Clear CMake cache

Ctrl+Shift+P -> Clean current CMake cache

This command makes sure we clean the temporary build folder where CMake generates files.

Show all errors

Ctrl+Shift+P -> Show all errors

This command shows a panel with a list of all errors that are visible from the current translation unit. When you select one, the plugin will navigate you to the place where the error occurs.

Show popup info

Ctrl+Shift+P -> Show popup info

Show an information popup with the type of the symbol under the cursor.

Open settings

Ctrl+Shift+P -> Settings

Open a new window with Default and User settings opened side by side for quick adjustment of the settings used by the plugin.

Generate a compilation database with Bazel

Ctrl+Shift+P -> Generate compile_commands.json

Uses Bazel through the script provided by @grailbio to generate a compile_commands.json file in the folder of your WORKSPACE file. By default, the plugin will then be able to read this file to get the correct flags.